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The first company to successfully develop a multi-bank drive-up ATM facility

Flite was the first company to successfully develop a multi-bank drive-up ATM facility. Our professionally built and managed facility provides financial institutions of any size an inexpensive way to place and operate their bank-owned ATM in a prime market
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We Consult, Strategize & Solve

Flite has extensive experience in constructing, operating & managing off-premise ATM locations for financial institutions.

We Consult, Strategize & Solve

We work closely with our clients to develop ATM expansion strategies that exceed expectations.
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We Reduce Costs & Complexity

We know the difficulty of developing off-premise ATM locations and the complexity of managing remote ATM assets

We Reduce Costs & Complexity

We help our clients navigate the complexities of off-premise ATM placements.
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We Analyze, Score
& Select

We utilize demographic information, ATM and banking market data, commercial retail data to score each potential ATM location.

We Analyze, Score
& Select

Combine with the specific needs, we help our clients select the most desirable locations.
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As a leading innovator of ATM services, Flite is a single-source relationship for the management of financial-grade ATM assets, both off-premise and at the branch. Our ATM management program allows banks to limit their in-house personnel resources and reduce their risk exposure. We custom tailor our services to ease the stress and internal responsibilities of ATM operations.

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We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients. Equally important, we are committed to building and managing the finest off-premise ATM facilities in the marketplace.

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