We expertise in real estate development and operational

Our ATM real estate development and operational expertise was earned through the deployment of our Flite-owned ATM fleet.  

A true understanding of the many costs and risks of off-premise ATM deployment can only be appreciated by the financial successes and failures of owning and operating a financial-grade ATM fleet.   

Expertise Excellence

We are dedicated to build a lasting relationship

Our expertise is also a function of the clients and industry partners we are aligned with and who share the same vision and integrity as Flite.

We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships, sharing ideas, and collaborating for the better with both our clients and our industry partners.

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one team, flite team

We work and achieve establish goals together

The Flite Team is one team!  On every project, our employees work together, alongside our clients and industry partners, to achieve the established goals.  Each employee of Flite possesses the autonomy, the skills, the passion, and the purpose to achieve success.

Continually growing our knowledge, passion and purpose is key to expanding our expertise and helping our clients deliver the best ATM experience for their customers.