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Benefits for our clients

We established relationships with land owners

Over the past several years, Flite has established relationships with several national retail center land owners. Today, Flite has active real estate development programs with Walmart, Inc., Brixmor Realty Group, Weingarten Realty, InvenTrust Property Corp., among others. Flite has a proven track record of negotiating fairly with our landowners and building and managing first-class ATM facilities on their properties.

Each of our national real estate partner programs allow us to identify new opportunities within their extensive real estate portfolios. This access to high-traffic retail locations in markets across he U.S. provides Flite ample opportunities to fulfill our client’s ATM expansion needs. Our relationships and professional management services are key competitive advantages to Flite and a valuable benefit for our clients. We are not a real estate agency or act as a commissioned broker.

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