Exclusive and Customized Branding

Eliminate Confusion

We aim to deliver satisfactional results

Each off-premise ATM location is a direct extension of our client’s customer services and brand image. Therefore, it is paramount that a Flite managed location properly displays our client’s colors, logos, trade markets, and other identifying marks that build trust and comfort for their customers. 

We work hand-and-hand with our client’s marketing team or brand agency to eliminate any confusion for the customer that the ATM belongs to their bank. 

customer care service

Delivering exceptional services to our valued customers

Bank customers prefer their bank ATM over any other ATM, largely because they know that they can use the ATM surcharge-free and conduct advanced transactions that are not possible at a competing bank or convenient store ATM.

Furthermore, the customer knows that in the event of a transaction error or issues, they are familiar with their bank’s customer care service and can expect a quick resolution to their problem.