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We help our clients deliver advanced functionality

At Flite, we think beyond the physical real estate and ATM equipment.  We help our clients deliver advanced functionality, including check image deposit and remote teller assist, and deliver their customers a more complete and modern user-interface and banking experience at the ATM.  In 2017, we plan to launch, in partnership with the world’s largest ATM software solutions provider, a highly flexible and highly customized ATM software solutions that will be delivered to our clients’ ATM terminals at a low-cost subscription plan.

ATM software solutions that have been traditionally customized and implemented by only the big national banks.  With the introduction of Flite’s multi-vendor ATM software solution, financial instructions of any size and geographic focus will be able to manage their entire fleet with a single software solution.  Flite’s collaboration with the industry’s most dynamic software provider will allow us to deploy, integrate and remotely manage ATM software for our clients like never before offered.  Stay tuned for more information about our future software release.

About company

Our professionally built and managed facility provides financial institutions of any size an inexpensive way to place and operate their ATM in a prime market.

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